Training Thoughts from the Stoics.

Stoicism is an ancient philosophical system developed by the Romans in the early years and centuries A.D. It is non-religious and can be paired with any major religion, or, appreciated by atheists too. There has been a recent upsurge in its popularity due to writers like Tim Ferris etc.  Continue reading “Training Thoughts from the Stoics.”


Sedgefield Open Water Swim.

Thoughts on the Sedgefield Swim.

You might have picked up from the last post that we are on holiday now in Sedgefield. Sedgefield has its own lagoon, which makes for some wonderful open water swimming. This year, the mouth is closed. It’s most often open, and that allows its waters to flow into the Indian Ocean. It also means that the lagoon is affected by the ebbs and flows of the sea tide. However, there is none of that this year with the mouth closed. I have done a few swims in the lagoon during this holiday season. The primary reason for these swims is that I am doing the Midmar 8 Mile event again in February, and I have approximately 7 more weeks to train for that.  Continue reading “Sedgefield Open Water Swim.”