Endurance Sport, Life and Suffering.

Endurance athletes are a strange bunch. They deliberately sign up for events that are going to test them. A small percentage do it as a career, and compete for both podium positions and financial gain,(although it must be said that the financial gains for most are marginal), however, all compete and train due to a strange and important relationship with pain.  Continue reading “Endurance Sport, Life and Suffering.”

A Run in the Rain.

Our holiday down in Sedgefield is slowly coming to an end. This morning I set out to do a 21 k training run. Sedgefield is a small town, so you need to get out on the main road which links Knysna to George to get that right. I chose to go in the George direction. There is a petrol station on the route which allowed me to pop in and buy a bottle of water to drink along the run. It started to rain just after my petrol station stop.  Continue reading “A Run in the Rain.”

Sedgefield Open Water Swim.

Thoughts on the Sedgefield Swim.

You might have picked up from the last post that we are on holiday now in Sedgefield. Sedgefield has its own lagoon, which makes for some wonderful open water swimming. This year, the mouth is closed. It’s most often open, and that allows its waters to flow into the Indian Ocean. It also means that the lagoon is affected by the ebbs and flows of the sea tide. However, there is none of that this year with the mouth closed. I have done a few swims in the lagoon during this holiday season. The primary reason for these swims is that I am doing the Midmar 8 Mile event again in February, and I have approximately 7 more weeks to train for that.  Continue reading “Sedgefield Open Water Swim.”

First Holiday Run Done.

My first run of my end of year holiday has been done. We as a family have been coming to Sedgefield in the Eastern Cape for several years. I have run most roads in the area over this time. So, here is the thing – while in Jozi, while thinking of my holiday, I imagine my first run here. I love the beach, lagoon, scenery, quaint shops and walks, but when I think of the holiday, I imagine that first run. I guess that is proof of this being more than a sport: it’s an addiction.  Continue reading “First Holiday Run Done.”

What is an ITB injury and how do you recover from it?

IT Band Syndrome is an overuse injury. It is commonly found in both runners and cyclists. The pain most often occurs on the outside of the knee and is very painful. The pain ‘switches’ on and makes running impossible. The pain results from the IT band rubbing against the lateral epicondyle of the knee.   Continue reading “What is an ITB injury and how do you recover from it?”