Hi, thanks for visiting my site.

I am the owner of SBR Sport. We specialize in getting people onto/into the right equipment so that they are able to Swim – Bike – Run and do life a bit more successfully. I have studied Kinesiology, various Myofascial Release techniques, Cranial-Sacral therapy as well as deep tissue massage. All of this has been focused on helping people be injury free and able to pursue their various sports.me-small

I started running 35 years ago and use running as my thinking time. I am the 33rd person to have done 5 x 8 Mile Club events at Midmar and have done various cycling events including a number of Traansbaviaans events.

I am absolutely obsessed about the three triathlon sports, both in participating and in understanding them and the demands that they place on the human body.

I am available to speak at corporate events and believe that I can inspire and practically help your team to get moving better and more often.


Mike Roscoe.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi.

    I got your details from Christine Barrow. I would like to make an appointment please for 12pm/4:30pm or 5pm if possible for an assessment for new running shoes – how long will it take? I can come 12 Dec – would this be possible? Preferably later is better.

    Stella James

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