January 1 – Run 1


It’s the first of January and, like many others, I have completed my first training session of 2017. Here is why you need to get out today for a walk – run – swim – ride. 

Calendar New Year's Day

  1. It is a magnificent day.
    January is a beautiful month in South Africa. The days can get a bit hot, but you live in Africa. We have managed to get decent levels of rainfall and so things outside are looking green and fresh.
  2. I did a ten-kilometer run this morning and spotted 10 runners and 8 walkers. All of us were enjoying quiet roads, all of us bucking the trend of post-party hangovers.
  3. Any ‘New Year’s Resolution’ not acted upon is just a figment of the imagination. So, if you promised yourself that you would get fit, eat more healthy foods, lose weight, ___________ (write your resolution here) – then you had better get moving. Why wait for the 2nd of January? Notching up your first win today will encourage you to keep going tomorrow.
  4. My run helped me focus on some of the things that I want to get right this year. I have a long list of things that I want/need to pull off. Getting outdoors and moving will help you focus and prioritize your life.

So, now that you have read this, close your browser, get your shoes on, and get going.

Have a wonderful 2017.


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