The Effort is enough.

I am indebted to author Ryan Holiday for this phrase, “The effort is enough’. Here is why this single sentence might just change your life.

We live in a goal orientated world. I write down goals, and I am sure you do too. However, there are two traps that we can fall into:  Continue reading “The Effort is enough.”


Endurance Sport, Life and Suffering.

Endurance athletes are a strange bunch. They deliberately sign up for events that are going to test them. A small percentage do it as a career, and compete for both podium positions and financial gain,(although it must be said that the financial gains for most are marginal), however, all compete and train due to a strange and important relationship with pain.  Continue reading “Endurance Sport, Life and Suffering.”

January 1 – Run 1


It’s the first of January and, like many others, I have completed my first training session of 2017. Here is why you need to get out today for a walk – run – swim – ride.  Continue reading “January 1 – Run 1”