First Holiday Run Done.

My first run of my end of year holiday has been done. We as a family have been coming to Sedgefield in the Eastern Cape for several years. I have run most roads in the area over this time. So, here is the thing – while in Jozi, while thinking of my holiday, I imagine my first run here. I love the beach, lagoon, scenery, quaint shops and walks, but when I think of the holiday, I imagine that first run. I guess that is proof of this being more than a sport: it’s an addiction. 


The run is seriously hilly – this is a photo looking down from the top. You go up and up and up, then down for a bit, and then you get this vista. That’s a proper hill. What’s amazing about the hill is that I fly up it – the extra oxygen makes me feel invincible. At the top, with the music of Rocky running through my mind, I congratulate myself. I stand amazed at just how fit I am. At the end of the holiday, back in Jozi, I have shorter hill, it’s 2km long and far less steep than my Sedgefield hill, and I almost die on it. My lungs burn, heart rate goes through the roof, I wheeze and feel like broken athlete. That’s the difference that a bit less oxygen makes.

So, here is wishing you a good festive season. Keep swimming, biking, running – whatever it is that catches your fancy. Enjoy the benefit of a drop in altitude if you are down at the coast.

With the first run done, it’s time to plan a swim.I’ve got Midmar 8 Mile to get ready for.


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