2016 Thoughts.

We are wrapping up the year, and what a year it has been. This time of the year is always a good time for introspection, and so here are a few of my thoughts. 

  1. We have now been in our upstairs premises for 15 months. The move felt risky back then but has proven itself to be the right one. It has allowed me to focus more on the things that I love doing, namely: Runner’s Leg Assessments, Bike Setups, and Myofascial Release.
  2. I get to meet a lot of people from all walks of life. I love knowing what people do and will always ask them a question about the industry that t2016hey are involved in. I would say that only 5% of people have described 2016 as being a good year. The rest have described this year as being tricky and challenging. Names such as Pravin, Jacob, Donald, and Hillary have been used. Phrases like, “It’s the economy” and “fees must fall” have echoed through. A stressful year has highlighted the importance of training. More than ever, people have told me that they train to settle and focus their minds.
  3. I have chatted with a few people who have economic backgrounds over the last few weeks who feel that next year will be a better year. They are quietly bullish, and feel that several pointers suggest that 2017 will be slightly easier.
  4. I have realized more than ever that endurance athletes are addicted to their sport. They really don’t have a choice. They must swim – bike – run. I think that everyone is addicted to something. It might be alcohol, cigarettes, painkillers, sleeping aids, or worrying. Of these, sport makes sense to me. I have heard people complain about the price of running shoes and I understand that. Rand weakness has made them expensive. However, when you price cigarettes, alcohol etc, suddenly running becomes a way cheaper addiction.
  5. I have seen more and more injuries/painful muscles caused by too much sitting. I have written about this before on the shop’s blog. The article is called Sitting is the new smoking. It amazes me how many people get used to pain and feel that it is somehow normal. Make sure that you do not fall into the same trap.
  6. Lastly, we have the coolest people come through our doors. Some are fast, some slow; some young, some old – all fascinating.

So, in closing, I really do wish you a wonderful 2017. I hope that it is filled with much joy, love, and happiness. I hope that you enjoy many happy miles in the water, or while riding your bike, or while hearing the sound of your running shoes tap the ground.


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