What others have said.

LeRoux ******* Had a 15km training run on Saturday. Did a 10km PB (45:03) within the 15km. After the leg assessment and getting the correct running shoes my times have improved so much, because the niggling injuries is a thing of the past. Thanks Mike.

Hayley ***** Thank you for releasing mine yesterday, Mike!!! Made a huge difference to my back pain – I literally walked out feeling like a new person. 

Brett **** Thanks for the great setup and diagnosis mike. Millimeter precision on bike adjustments and knowledgeable on biokinetics.

Maria ******* I suffered from chronic knee pain and went to Dr’s, orthopedics, physio’s and used many different ointments etc. but with no luck. I got SBR’s details from a triathlon athlete on Sleekgeek. The best investment on my knees I could ever make. First run tonight without any knee pain! Thank you so much MIKE!

Lorinda ******* Great investment in time and money spent at SBR sports Sunninghill. Professional assessment and correct running shoes obtained to suit my exact needs. Be careful of the normal chain stores and their assessments as well as the shoes they recommend, it can turn out costly and cause injury. Thanks Mike!

Taryn ********-********* So glad I heard about the leg assessment Mike provides at his shop. I’ve come away having learnt so much and most importantly about how to help ensure I run, injury free, for years to come. Thanks again! I’ll be sure to tell anyone who will listen about this awesome service.

Dimitri ******* Mike you are a Ninja Master!!! I am running faster and further that I ever have(oh and more comfortably) Thanks a mill!!! Best money ever spent 



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